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Marine Federal Credit Union – Marine Federal Phone Number

Marine Federal Credit Union – Eligibility

Marine Federal Credit Union, Marine Federal Phone Number, Marine Federal, Marine Federal,The Marine Federal Credit Union is a financial cooperative available to members who qualify for membership, primarily military personnel and government employees.  Marine Federal offers all the amenities of large corporate banks like internet banking, card services, and checking/savings accounts with the personal touch available due to its employee per member service that is far ahead of the national average for financial credit unions.  New recruits are available for membership even before basic training and it is a great feeling to know your money is being well taken care of while in training or deployment.  Military Federal Credit Union offers many great services to those who qualify for membership from accounts, credit/debit cards, ATM, loan, insurance, investment and financial counseling.

Marine Federal Credit Union – Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding services, membership eligibility, or any general questions please contact your local branch or call Member Services resource center Monday through Friday from 7 am to 7 pm at 910. 577. 7333 or call the toll free number at 800. 225. 3967.  You can also use the automated touch teller system at 910. 577. 1310 or 910. 577. 1051, or you can use the toll free number at 800. 344. 8639 and follow the instructions accordingly.

Military Federal Credit Union also offers loan services available to its members including vehicle, mortgage, Line of Credit, share secured, and credit cards. Guaranteed asset protection is also available.  If you have any questions regarding loan services please call the member services center or one of the appropriate numbers: for Loan Titles (Fax) call 910. 355. 7868, mortgages – 910. 355. 5672, or indirect lending at 910. 455. 1679 or 910. 455. 4932.  For Investments call 910. 355. 5633.  For member financial services call 910. 577. 7333 using the extension 5284.  To reach a financial counselor please call 910. 355. 5616.

Marine Federal Credit Union also offers credit and debit card services to its members.  To reach the credit card customer service please call 800. 299. 9842, for credit card security including to report lost or stolen cards please call 800. 325. 3678.  For debit card activation please call 800. 543. 5073, for debit card security including to report lost or stolen cards please call 800. 453. 4270 or use touch teller option 2 with the automated system.

Marine Federal Credit Union – Inquire About Services

Marine Federal Credit Union does offer online banking for members so you can do your banking at anytime from anywhere so long as you have an internet connection allowing you to check your accounts and pay bills as well as transfer money at your convenience.  For wire transfers and other intentions the Marine Federal Credit Union Routing number is: 253174893.  If you would like to contact the credit union for information on internet banking please call the home online services at 910. 577. 7333 or call toll free at 800. 225. 3967.  With all the services offered that are available through the Marine Federal Credit Union, those who qualify should call the member services center to open an account or to further inquire about services.